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Greg Gage, PhD
Neuroscientist and CEO of Backyard Brains
DIY Neuroscience

Programs like this are few and far between but I think they are on the leading edge... this is what we're going to see in the next decade. This is not something you normally see in school districts, this is something that's going to be brand-new and I think it will be replicated. I suspect this will be published, people are going to find out about this and be replicating this around the country.


Student, ECISD

They put me in a real neuroscientist really gives you that feeling, yes, I can do this. It brings all your dreams to reality. It makes me feel happy, like I'm almost special.

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Rob Thornell, Ed.D.
Former Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, Northwest ISD

PICK Education is changing the lives of students daily. By moving seats from traditional classroom settings to more robust, authentic learning experiences, we have challenged teachers and engaged students in ways I never thought possible. Recently, two of our students who have been engaged with real medical research opportunities were awarded full four year scholarships at Southern Methodist University (SMU) to continue in bio-medical studies. Both students and the University noted the student experiences in PICK Education allowed them opportunities that placed them far ahead of their peers.

Evonne Marruffo

Evonne Maruffo
Elementary Teacher, ECISD

By bringing SharkFinder®... they can become more than their neighborhood or their situation. They're becoming part of the community of the world. That education opportunity is far grander than anything they're going to get out of a book

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Erica, Javen, Alyssa and Jocelyn
Students, ECISD

This should be something we do regularly, in every single school!

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