Presenter, Dr. Kate Biberdorf, chemist and creator of Fun with Chemistry. (Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, CNN, Discovery Channel Daily Planet, NBC Nightly News)

Dr. John Hafernik (DISC)

Presenter, Dr. John Hafernik, Emeritus Professor of Biology at San Francisco State University and founder of ZomBee Watch citizen science project (Scientific American, Discover Magazine, Science Friday, New York Times)

Dr. Joy Reidenberg (NGW, BBC, DISC)

Presenter, Dr. Joy Reidenberg, world renowned anatomist and researcher on the PBS documentary series, "Inside Nature's Giants" (National Geographic, SCI Channel, BBC, Discovery Channel)

Dr. Greg Gage (TED, BBC, WIRED)

Presenter and PICK Education Partner, Dr. Greg Gage, neuroscientist and Backyard Brains Owner (TED, BBC, WIRED)

Dr. Igor Siwanowicz (NGW, Nature)

Presenter, Dr. Igor Siwanowicz, scientist and world renowned photographer (National Geographic, Nature, Scientific American)

American Oarsmen

Presenter, American Oarsmen, Atlantic Challenge Competitor (Guinness World Records)


SharkFinder® Citizen Science Program

Project Brain STEM

Project Brain STEM, Brain Tracing with fruit fly data set in collaboration with the Bock Lab

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Backyard Brains Neuroscience