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VR Goggles
VR Goggles
VR Goggles
VR Goggles

a new reality in virtual reality:
student agency and self determined learning

Educators need to explore how their practice can simultaneously evolve with science, research, technology and future careers. Through citizen science projects and virtual reality, we can create a learning environment that cultivates and brings it all together = the solution. There is a new reality in virtual reality.

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what is citizen science

Citizen science occurs when the public voluntarily participates in real-world scientific research projects doing activities such as contributing data, making discoveries and coming up with solutions to problems.

Read this story capturing students doing real neuroscience as part of their high school course. (Odessa American)


citizen science & syGlass


syGlass software allows you to view your data in its actual 3D or 4D (over time) form through virtual reality.


syGlass specializes in presenting very large data sets that are generated by microscopes, patient, and industrial scanners. It allows you to use its tools to quantify your data with enhanced precision, or import your results for rapid correction in VR.


The software available through syGlass allowed high school students in Ector County Independent School District to contribute to citizen science projects such as intervillous space tracing in placental research (Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, syGlass)  and circuit mapping of  Drosophila olfactory system (University of California, Santa Barbara,  University of Vermont, West Virginia University, Mount Holyoke College, Appalachian State University)

Visit syGlass at

Publications: LB-063 X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomography-Virtual Reality Tool - Novel Collaborative Platform to Accelerate Placental Research

Connectomics in the classroom: Introducing students to neuroscientific principles using the Drosophila Female Adult Fly Brain electron microscopy data set

In the News:

Houston Chronicle


Odessa American

benefits of virtual reality

Real Time Instruction -
from anywhere

Students, instructors, and

experts collaborating on

authentic research projects anytime, anywhere.

Student Agency and Self-Determined Learning

Meaningful, relevant, driven by interest, and self initiated learning experiences for students.

National and Global Partnerships

Using VR to forge true,

two-way partnerships

between K12, higher

education, and industry.

Enhances Learning Experience

Nearly 92% of ECISD students using syGlass said it made their learning experience fun and engaging.

Helps students focus while doing coursework

Nearly 80% of ECISD students using syGlass said it allowed them to be more content focused.

Personalized Professional Development for Instructors

Instructors learn from experts in the field and bring the learning back to the classroom with on-the-job support.

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