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what is PICK Education®?

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network of partners

PICK Education® is made up of a network of partners, cross curricular lessons, data collection and opportunities for professional development.

The PICK Education® collaborative consists of school districts, universities, businesses and institutes. 

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data collection

PICK Education® students and teachers contribute data to various fields of research and technology, such as human health, neuroscience and paleontology, just to name a few. 

This contribution provides students an opportunity to retain ownership of their education.


cross curricular

PICK Education®experiences meet curriculum 

standards and are vertically aligned. PICK Education® classrooms provide blended curricular opportunities, demonstrating that content such as math, science, language arts, reading, and social studies are not independent from one another. 


Participating schools become an extension of a 

university, college, business or institute. 

PICK Education Professional Development.jpg

professional development

PICK Education®provides authentic learning 

engagements for educators including outdoor 

exploration and hands on learning with researchers and scientists. Opportunities to attend presentations by world-renowned professionals are also offered.

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