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Embryonic Stem Cells

take part in medical research
project STEM Cell

STEM education with real research applications

Northwest ISD

What will you do in Project STEM Cell?

ECISD in collaboration with Tulane University School of Medicine will provide students with opportunities to participate in current research projects. ECISD student researchers will help progress science forward by analyzing data and contributing to research for stem cell growth, differentiation, and communication--as well as bioengineering. Any scientifically significant contribution to the research will be credited and acknowledged in future research journal publications. 

As a student researcher, you will learn tissue staining techniques to better understand processes utilized in the lab. You will also learn how to use Image J software to analyze image data for fields of interest. Image J was developed by National Institutes of Health and is employed by many research facilities across the nation. You will also learn how to utilize Microsoft Excel to calculate density of cells of interest within a given field. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is stem cell research important?

Thousands of people benefit from stem cell research as new treatments are sought to alleviate suffering from diseases such as juvenile diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, heart failure and spinal cord injuries. Stem cells may have organ-specific cells with special functions that regularly divide to repair and replace worn out or damaged tissues. 

Do I need to know a lot about science to get involved?

No. If you are curious and interested, you will be trained on how to do the data analysis. You do not need to be a science wizard to get involved. You can feel confident knowing that we'll make it easy for you.

I am graduating this semester, can I still get involved?​

Yes. We will work with you to find a way to let you be a part of this unique and rare opportunity with Tulane medical researchers.

Will there be more hands on than analyzing digital images?

We would like to expand your skill set and show you how to stain slides as well as other procedures in stem cell growth.

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What will you gain as a student researcher?

This is a very rare opportunity for students and is certain to put you ahead of your peers. Project STEM Cell™ will give you 

unparalleled access to Tulane University researchers as you work together in this innovative, cutting-edge, research project. You will benefit from experiencing current lab techniques and data analysis applied by universities and research institutions. Most of all, you will feel a sense of satisfaction and self-worth for contributing to the larger body of scientific research in the field of stem cells. 

You may take advantage of this opportunity for Science Fair investigations, possible IB extended essay or CAS project topics, college entrance essay topic, health sciences career pathway, etc... 

You do not need to be a science wizard to get involved! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (Continued)

Will this project be done in class or would it be considered extra work outside of class?

Your teacher will decide if Project STEM Cell™ can be embedded into your classroom curriculum or if the research will be conducted after school. 

Would I be able to get an internship with Tulane University?

We are in the process of creating possible internship opportunities. 

Are there other medical research opportunities with Tulane?

Yes! Our partner researchers are interested in expanding their research laboratory to other

medical collaborations of student interest.

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